If the mother didn care about the survival of the baby

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There is a direct correlation between criminology developments and identifying crimes as the work of serial killers. canada goose outlet toronto location Most of these big developments took place in the 80s. Meaning the reason why there seems to be more serial killers is because they started to actively go looking for them.

I feel like being a scared young girl and knowing you can’t take care of a child doesn’t equate to brutally stabbing it. Like at the most extreme you’d smother it or literally anything else that was not so horrific and messy, no??

canada goose store This was my thought canada goose jacket outlet toronto too. If the mother didn care about the survival of the baby, why not just abandon it somewhere isolated? A newborn wouldn have a high chance of survival unless someone found it pretty quickly. If the mother wanted the child dead, why not smother it? There are so many other options that, like you said, seem easier. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket To me the stabbing indicates either the mother had some kind of rage toward the baby (maybe it was the result of an assault or painful relationship?) or that perhaps a third party was responsible for stabbing the baby and that person or the canada goose outlet boston mother then abandoned the corpse. I would think whoever did leave that baby body at the school had to have some kind of connection to the location, whether they worked there, were a student, etc. during the Vietnam War. He went missing, along with roughly $8600, on January 17th of that year; the Navy apparently assumed he had canada goose factory outlet stolen the money and deserted, despite the fact that neither his family nor many of his fellow crew members believed he do so. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale It wasn until the 1990 that NCIS finally decided to reopen the case after Muns’ sister spent years searching for information regarding her brother disappearance, using the internet to find other canada goose outlet 2015 Cacapon crew members. Long story short, they figured out that Muns’ fellow petty officer, a guy named Michael Edward LeBrun, had killed him and stuffed his body in an fuel oil tank on the ship. LeBrun confessed that he was the one who had stolen the $8600, and Muns’ had caught him in the act, which is why he was killed. He only ending up serving a four year sentence for the crime, but Muns’ was given full military honors at a memorial service in Arlington National Cemetery, and is no longer considered a deserter. canada goose black friday sale

canadian goose jacket «One victim was first; two watched,» Pinellas Pasco Court Judge Susan Schaeffer said at Chandler sentencing hearing on Nov. 4, 1994, when he was ordered to die for his crimes after being convicted of three counts of first degree murder. «Imagine the fear. One victim was second; one watched. Imagine the horror,» Schaeffer continued. «Finally, the last victim, who had seen the other two disappear over the side, was lifted up and thrown overboard. Imagine the terror.» canadian goose jacket

Not much canada goose outlet legit really gets canada goose outlet store quebec to me, but this case never fails to make me feel some kind of way.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap There actually is a lot of coverage of this case. Every year as far as I can tell, on the anniversary of the murders, the local papers do a recap hoping to generate new leads. A few years back, I believe, a new 3D suspect «sketch» was released. The perp has/had a very distinct look: a large black male with corn rows and one small strand of hair with beads woven in hanging down on the side of his head. Take a look at the sketch. Why can they find this guy?? One of the relatively recent theories is that this male perp is actually a female and so LE have been barking up canada goose outlet store montreal the wrong tree so to speak. Others have countered, «well, they have male DNA,» but no one so far as I know has provided a link to LE mentioning this as a fact. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose There is just a lot of weirdness to this story. I refer to canada goose outlet real the perp as male because I 90% sure he is. canada goose outlet price Why would someone rob a store first thing when the store has just opened and there hadn been any sales so far? And a Plus Size dress store? Where I assume most purchases were made by credit card. The theory is it was a robbery gone wrong. canada goose

cheap Canada Goose But there more weirdness to this story. One of the murdered store clerks was a member of a small church centered around canada goose outlet in new york a charismatic preacher. There was a huge schism among church members at one point and the preacher and part of the flock moved to Texas (I think). Some have speculated that the church was somehow involved because (and I could be remembering this wrong still early here!) a phone call from a church member to this female victim was triangulated to a canada goose jacket outlet uk cell tower near the Lane Bryant store around the time of the murders. When I have a chance to look in to this again later today I correct my post if this canada goose jacket uk isn correct. Personally, I think the whole church thing is canada goose outlet winnipeg a red herring and just a strange coincidence but who knows? cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance I just can understand why this has not been solved. canada goose clearance

Why would someone canada goose outlet locations in toronto rob a store first thing when the store has just opened and there hadn been any sales so far? And a Plus Size dress store? Where I assume most purchases were made canada goose uk site by credit card.

canada goose clearance sale This makes me think it someone who worked at a Lane Bryant or similar retail space before. If you open a place canada goose outlet online like that, generally there are only a handful of you there, and it the people who have keys/access to where large quantities of money http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com are stored. Before you open, you have to «load up» the registers for the day. If it was someone who worked at a Lane Bryant store long enough to open a few times and become familiar with the routine, they might believe it was an opportunity to commit an unexpected robbery. Criminals tend to commit crimes in places and in ways that are familiar to them; we all do this to a certain degree. I sure they looked into current/former employees, but I focus on sharing that sketch with all local retail places, maybe with armored car drivers who worked retail spots in the area. Someone got to recognize that person. canada goose clearance sale

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I don know if this quite fits what you looking for, but Israel Keyes was both smart and incredibly organized, and put an enormous amount of work into both committing and getting away with his crimes. The FBI still can be sure of how many murders he was responsible for, and only Samantha Koenig, his final victim, was found and only because Keyes told them exactly where her body was. Keyes killed himself in canada goose outlet prison before he could be prosecuted, so he likely took most of his secrets with him to the grave.

Yes there is a massive amount of unsolved murders and disappearances, and that is understandable as they are unsolved and mysterious and they occupy a great deal of interest.

canada goose deals However this isn the r/unresolvedmurdersanddisapearances sub. It r/unresolvedmysteries. And any real mystery, whether it be historical, archeological, cryptographic, unexplained phenomena, etc all fit here. You just have canada goose outlet new york to provide the forum to discuss it. If there is a mystery you want to discuss, add it. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Jackets Just be mindful that we prefer to discuss things based on real possibilities rather than paranormal. Canada Goose Jackets

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Maybe it just me, but I feel like this sub used to have a fairly good mix of murder/missing persons stories and historical/scientific/etc. mysteries up until around when EAR/ONS was caught. Since then, there been a huge influx of new members and we been inundated with a lot of repetitive content, and the amount of mysteries that are not crime related has gone done significantly.

I not saying this is necessarily a good or bad thing; it just is what it is. Like you said, this sub is what we make it, and if we want a bigger variety of mysteries, we should create posts which reflect that.

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