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June 29, 2004 by Kyle GannUltimately, what I want from a piece of music is to make me miss it, to make me yearn to hear it, to run through my head in a quiet, seductive way, creating a nagging temptation that can only be satisfied by playing the recording yet again. Even among the hundreds of postclassical pieces I really like, there are few that come up to that level: the A++ pieces among all the A’s. I’ve found a new one: The Same Sky by San Francisco composer Carolyn Yarnell, as played by pianist Kathleen Supove on her new CD Infusion on Koch International Classics [Read more.]Prickliness Versus Normalcy: The DebateJune 29, 2004 by Kyle GannI’ve been remiss in responding to the replies to my blog entry on the alleged death and irrelevancy of modernism, with reference to the Eugenides Lewis debate in Slate magazine first because I was waiting to see if there would be more, then because I descended back into my composing fog.

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